The Growing Number of Environment Friendly Technology Solutions in India

Many factories, private companies and even regular individuals are starting to benefit from the increasing number of eco-friendly solutions available in India. Even though this is a new endeavor it has already sparked considerable interest.

Experts have pointed out that the country is slowly but surely improving its ability of dealing with the waste management and electricity production issues.

India’s “Green Potential”

Numerous companies have been focusing on green energy and adopting simple technological solutions with the help of ideas for small infrastructural changes geared toward the reduction of waste and pollution.

Here are just a small number of aspects to consider:

  • In some areas, waste is basically turned into a commodity, as new recycling technologies are slowly taking over.
  • Companies are investing heavily into technologies that use alternative energy producing techniques, including solar or wind energy.
  • Considering the country’s high energy deficit and large electricity costs, the market is ripe for alternative, clean energy technologies to emerge.
  • Other technologies are also on the horizon, geared toward reducing pollution and creating better working conditions in factories.

The People’s Initiative

In many cases, people are also taking matters into their own hands. Many of them have proven that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars in funding in order to apply a simple idea for waste removal or recycling.

One entrepreneur has developed and become successful selling a very simple eco-friendly stove. The device is geared to improve efficiency and eliminate harmful greenhouse gases coming from the regular mud stoves most people still use.

At the same time, a factory owner in Mumbai has come up with a revolutionary new prototype machine for developing a crude type of oil out of all kinds of materials, including plastic and electronic waste.

As more and more people are coming up with innovative ideas on how to deal with the country’s pollution and waste, the simplicity of some of these new technologies are also gaining popularity abroad. It may be only a short matter of time before India can enjoy clean air, as well as a solid economy.

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The Widespread Impact of Educational and Economic Growth in India’s Technology Sector

Whether it’s mobile technology you’re interested in or you want to locate improved cloud computing solutions, India’s technology sector is more than ready for any challenge. But how does India handle its current technological growth, and is there hope for the country’s future technology specialists?

India’s Increasing Interest in Technology and Education

As one of the fastest growing countries in the past two decades, India is one place where children and students are given remarkable opportunity for education and career growth. With regards to the technology sector, much notable progress has been made in past years:

  • Every year, almost half a million Indian students apply for a place in the various public engineering institutes available throughout the country.
  • After China and the US, India has become the third most expansive education system in the world. There are more than 21 million enrollments each year, and with the country’s continuing focus on the technology sector, the future looks promising for Indian youths currently attending colleges and universities.
  • There is a rapid growth involving the introduction of computers and tablet PCs for the purpose of introducing computer coding and advanced networking lessons in more and more schools throughout the entire country.
  • Special educative programs, such as the Jet Toy Olympics in New Delhi, were introduced to help children learn to fundamentals of science, mathematics and automotive engineering in a fun and productive way.

High Expectations for the Future

With the continuing need to develop high profile technological projects in order to meet the growing expectations of the global market, India is expected to produce more than 10 million new jobs in the ICT sector alone, along with many other ambitious goals.

This is good news for the young Indian students and pupils of today, as they are basically promised a glowing career in the next few decades.

Additionally, the IT and ITeS sector has produced a chain of growth throughout the entire Indian technology sector which means that future industry experts will also benefit from the opportunity to present their services to companies in need of better outsourcing solutions.

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The Impact of India’s Remarkable Potential for Future Technologic Growth and Innovation

The remarkable growth of India’s technological market has sparked the interest of tech giants from around the world. Many of them are thinking of investing in India’s skilled manpower and growing hi-tech projects which are expected to bring further economic growth that will not only rejuvenate the country’s economy, but rival the country’s global competitors as well.

The Story of India’s Technological Growth

With the growing demand in the US and Europe, outsourcing to Indian companies has become a clear advantage for numerous firms. Innovative projects, a large workforce and the growing potential for better education in the technology sector are just some of the key reasons that have sparked India’s technology growth over the past few years.

In India, the technological sector has influenced the economy considerably over the past two decades. In less than 15 years – between 1998 and 2011 – India’s industry has grown considerably, from $4 billion to more than $8 billion.

After 2011, a considerable investment through FDI assistance has lead to more than 150 new hi-tech projects which have brought about new job opportunities for about 41,000 workers.

Furthermore, government initiatives, including the setup of tax free zones and Software Technology Parks of India, have made it clear that the strong potential for the export of IT services in India is now at hand, rivaling the abilities shown by other fast-growing countries in the area.

Potential for Future Expansion

Unlike in the Western World, India has had to adapt to the trying economical hardship that many people have faced in the past and are still facing today. Introducing inexpensive resources, such as a $35 tablet PC, in classrooms, however, the country hopes to compete with China and other Asian economic giants in the near future.

With impressive growth numbers expected in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors in the next 6 years, India’s overall revenue is forecasted to increase by more than 300% before 2020, promoting innovation and faster growth in areas such as social media, mobile and location based services and cloud computing.

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